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More newbie questions. Need help.


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My goal in this hobby is long exposure astrophotography with my Canon EOS 5D MkIV. First issue is, the max shutter speed setting on my camera is 30 seconds. I found something on B&H Photo called the "Vello Wireless ShutterBoss 4.0 Remote Timer and Trigger for Select Canon Cameras". 

https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1617764-REG/vello_rcw_4_c_wireless_shutterboss_4_for.html  My question is, will this resolve my max shutter duration  issue? If not, can someone please suggest how else I can get around this issue (without having to buy a new camera)?


This leads to my 2nd question. 


I know that I will need a good star tracking mount for good long exposure imaging. I've read a number of articles regarding Alt-Az vs Equatorial mounts, and it's seems to me that the EQ mounts are the way go. My question is, considering that I'm a total newbie, would that be smart choice for a beginner? Before my research I was leaning towards something like the iOptron Skyguider Pro alt-az mouint, but I'm not sure about how good these mounts will at eliminating or minimizing star streaks (or if that's even possible). Can anyone please provide some advice on these two topics? Thanks.





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Hello Jamie
First of all, asking questions from people with experiance is great way to learn. Never be afraid to ask!
Worst case, we might figure things out togeather and we all learn new things =D

When it comes to Canon, i know there are some cameras that people have made custom firmware for that wil give you options more dedicated to astrophotography, but I'm not sure for what models and such its available for. I saw something about it on youtube some time ago, but sadly cannot remember where. 
When it comes to external gadgets for controlling shutters on DSLRs most of them use their own controll and just send a pulse to the camera, so even if the camera only has 30 sec built in, the remote/trigger controller can hold the shutter for much, much longer. 
A intervalometer like this from Amazon will for 30USD will do the job just fine.

I hope this helps, at least to pint you in the right direction = )

When it comes to Mounts, i'll see what i can do tomorrow in regards to finding some good alternatives, i did a lot of research when i got my fisrt mount, and there is a few new editions to that list. It's 04:45 in the morning and i just got in from shooting, i need some sleep. And please exuse any spelling booboos xD


Best of luck

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