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Any experience with eyepiece projection but for wide field using small sensor instead of pupil?

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Hi All,

I appreciate typically eyepiece projection is used to zoom in for the moon and planets.

However pre-emptively using astronomy tools FOV it looks like eyepiece projection may have a chance of getting me a larger field than I imagined would be possible...

I dont have a large chip camera currently and do things on a budget, so I'm wondering if my sensor size is a little larger than the pupil size and I can get it close enough to the eyepiece - have I got a chance of doing some wider field AP with this light bucket? see diagram below for example...

From what I have read eyepiece projection can actually be done with/without a lens in front of the camera - whereas typically it is using phone cameras with lenses etc. I have a couple of smaller sensor cameras as well as obvious phones (which I never imagined using) etc...

My intent for this big light bucket was to get smaller galaxies nicely (not M31) with prime focus, however if there is a chance I could also get some larger targets I'd be over the moon.

Does this make any sense as it sounds crazy to me?

Sounds like focusing may be painful and likely need coma corrector anyway.

Any comments greatly appreciated.

p.s. less worried about tracking more whether the optical train would technically work or not...




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