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My micro observatory

Skipper Billy

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Just a couple of links as a resource for anyone thinking about designing or building a wee obsy. 

No rocket science involved but it works well, has transformed my enjoyment of the hobby and has never let a drop of water in and has withstood winds of >100kts.


Micro Observatory

Happy to answer any questions.

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Posted by: @Carastro

Great design, how much room is there for you inside?

I don't usually go inside, it's remotely controlled from inside the house. When I have to go inside for maintenance etc I can crawl underneath the scope or slew it to one side then I can stand up in the free half. Its a tight fit but I am quite nimble for an old f*rt ;-) 

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Had I known what I know now I might have gone for a mini observatory like yours instead of the big one I built.  Yours is very cute David.  In fact, I have designed a micro observatory just big enough for a widefield imaging rig as a second imaging station.  Whether I get around to building it is another matter ?  Uses a DIY fork mount too.

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