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What to do, what to buy….

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Hello, I currently have. 4.5” Orion scope and I’m looking to upgrade. Part of the consideration is that I have to bring my new scope here to Bermuda from  Pittsburgh when I’m visiting there.  

I’m looking at either a Celestron 8” or 10” Dobsonian or a 6” Celestron NexStar SE.  The NexStar is smaller and therefore easier to transport but the Dobs have the greater size and bigger is better isn’t it? 

The NexStar has auto go to and tracking while the Dobs come with the Starsense cell phone tech setup that seems to work ok based on what I’ve read.  The go to and the tracking are great features for someone like me who once had trouble aligning the moon in my 4.5” scope and I’m wondering how easy it would be to track an object in the Dobs.  

I guess I have a few major considerations:


1. What will I not be able to see with the 6” that I might see with the 8” and 10”?


2. How easy are the Dobs to adjust to track an object?


3. If I decide to try astrophotography, does this rule out the Dobs?

The shipping cost for the Dobs will be $100 or $200 for the 8 and 10, maybe 60 for the NexStar which sucks extra cash out of my budget, as does the 25% duty charged when I get here.


I’m fighting myself hard not to go overbudget for an 8” NexStar.

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