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New scope: Apertura AD10


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Yesterday I received my new scope. An Apertura AD10...Now, I was aware of the dimensions when I ordered it, but as always the size doesn't really hit home until you unbox it...To me, this thing is huge...I have no problem lugging it around, at least at this point in my life. I got it assembled today and practiced doing the collimation with the included laser collimator. And yes, I know the laser itself may not be collimated so I'm ordering a cap and Cheshire as well...I figure, cloudy skies? May as well learn about the scope. It's definitely not as fun as observing but it's a necessary evil...errr...I meant step....It comes with a finder scope but I read a lot of posts about adding a reflex sight as well. I got the Rigel Systems Quikfinder...just need to attach it...Is there a preferred place or just where it's convenient...Thanks...

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Make sure when you put the base on it is the right way around as once the adhesive sets it's difficult to remove.




I put mine near the objective on my 102mm SkyMax primarily so it's out of the way.




It's a pretty compact scope so I didn't want the Rigel too near to the observing end. I had visions of regularly head butting it lol. The only disadvantage to it being nearer the objective is that there may be parallax issues when viewing the reticule. Although I can lean forward to look through the Rigel with a small Mak' fairly easily. 



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Just now, Razz said:

Thanks for the information. If you hadn't mentioned it, I probably would have attached the base backwards...lol


Yeah, it's easily done lol. I nearly did it. I still think it's weird the knobs on the Rigel face outwards. The reticule brightness can be altered and pulsed. It isn't easy to see in twilight conditions even at its brightest setting though. Rigel's are a bit 70's tech but they're pretty reliable. Can be prone to dewing.

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59 minutes ago, Razz said:

I added the Rigel. Had to shave the base a little but it fits nicely between the focuser and finder scope.



Looks good. In my experience RACI's aren't too helpful for getting in the general area you want. I've used them on my ST80's and Newtonians, although I don't use them now as a rule. Your focuser looks like a GSO. GS880-10"

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28 minutes ago, Razz said:

Actually, by looking at it, it's probably the same scope just a different color. It even comes with the same things. But I'm sure you already knew that. 


Yeah, a lot of GSO stuff is sold as rebadges. Altair sold some of the Newtonians as Altair. 




My 150mm 'TS Optics' is GSO. Mine just has the bog-standard single speed focuser though. I use a Baader helical on the T-thread for fine focusing. 

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