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My altair fully loaded rig


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My rig is as below

Scope : Altair Wave Series 80mm F6 Super ED Triplet APO with  Altair PlanoStar M63 1.0x Flattener 




Power box Pegasus Pocket Powerbox PPB


Camera : Altair Hypercam 26C  PRO TEC COOLED Colour 26mp gain 100 Off set 100


Guide cam : Altair MG32 Mini Guide Polar Alignment Scope + QRB Rings Ising Altair astro 130M 


Filter : Altair Astro 4nm dual band 


Pc  Topton Fanless Mini PC Intel i3 7100U DDR4 Nuc Computer Linux Windows 10 Pro 1*mSATA 1*2.5‘’SATA 4K HTPC HDMI VGA from AliExpress 


Focuser : Pegasus Motor Focus Kit for Refractors v3

the scope and the filter all come with certificates , not seen another brand that does that . Had bad experience with RVO ,when the owner through my £1300 skywatcher into my Merc , I was fuming , and won’t use them again. Altair are on the ball when they need to sort and issue out with equipment ,  but bear in mind they are a small team, so be patient .  Clear skies. 


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