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Altair 8” f/5 Newtonian


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So a lot of people know me as a refractor girl…but I’m on a bit of a mission to branch out a bit, and so when asked what I would like as an engagement present well I decided it was Newtonian time!

I went for the f5 version of this scope, as being new to newts I wanted to make collimation as easy as possible for myself. 
The scope or big bucket as I call her definitely is that! Though she sits on my eq6-r pro with ease! What I’m loving so far is the resolution on the images I’ve captured, plus there’s just something I love about those diffraction spikes! The fan on the rear is a welcome addition though I have now added a dew band to my set up too. 

Anyway here’s my new rig in all its glory! 

and also the very first deep sky image I got out of it! 

I continue to be super pleased with it 🙂 



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On 11/21/2022 at 11:58 AM, woodblock said:

Hi Stace, just a quick question about your setup. I suddenly realised that your rig is outside apparently without a cover. Do you have an observatory or is there some kind of cover over your scope and mount?




well it’s only outside without a cover when imaging or setting up!! 

other than that, the scope and camera etc are inside and the mount is under a nice telegizmo 365 cover 🙂 

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Thanks Stace, so you carry the scope out for each session?  There's no problem leaving the mount out in all weathers providing its got the cover on?


Sorry to be dense. At the moment I have to carry out the mount and scope from where I keep them on each session. Then I have to do a polar alignment before the session starts. I was looking for an alternative arrangement but I was worried about leaving the mount out all the time even with a cover on because of condensation and damp getting on the electronics. 

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