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Is there an adapter to connect a Canon R5 mirrorless camera to a 2" tube on a refractor?

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I have an old Brandon 94mm refractor and would like to connect my Canon R5 camera to it, but all the T adapters I have found are only for the older EOS cameras, not for the newer R-series mirrorless Canon cameras. Are there any out there that you can point me to?

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What you need is an adapter that allows you to fit the camera to EOS lenses like this https://www.parkcameras.com/shop/canon-ef-eos-r-mount-adapter_1242700k?of_tid=MFRWG5B5GM3TMJTGMVSWISLEHUYSM4DSN5SESZB5GIZDI&gclid=Cj0KCQiAveebBhD_ARIsAFaAvrHHghPl3ZscrESumU5na2vlCoKF6Ivp2azRxx3KOGUoxDKAxleNz7saAhe-EALw_wcB and then you can fit a regular T ring to EOS adapter to the scope.


Also see here https://shuttermuse.com/can-you-use-ef-lenses-on-the-canon-r5-and-r6/ and Trevor Jones' opinion https://astrobackyard.com/is-canon-eos-ra-worth-it/


I’m not sure if you would be able to bring the combination to focus though as not familiar with that scope. You might need additional extension tubes or the extra distance added by the adapters may make it impossible.

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Thank you, TerryMck. I was hoping not to have to go to the expense of purchasing the EF to RF adapter, but it is looking like I may have to do that. I already have an EF T-adapter from my old camera. I'm surprised there is not yet an RF T-adapter, but the demand may simply not be there.

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