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Unable to connect to NexStar 8SE with CPWI - issue and workaround

Adam Y

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Got my new dedicated laptop this week to start learning the ins and outs of astrophotography.  Long story short, I cannot (following normal procedure) connect to the hand controller over USB in the CPWI program.  I have downloaded the latest version, as well as the latest firmware from Celestron.


Interestingly, I CAN connect without issue using the Celestron Firmware Manager.  I have updated the firmware so all good there.


I logged a support ticket with Celestron, and they say this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release of CPWI.  I did find a workaround, which is I can connect via CFM (but not reapply the firmware update) then exit out.  What we are looking for is to put the hand controller in "Passthrough Mode".  Once it is in that state, you can exit CFM then launch CPWI and go through the connection routine and it gets right in.


Just in case anyone else runs into this, that is how I got round it.  No combination of powering on whilst holding logo+menu or similar gyrations did anything to affect the outcome.  


I am thinking probably the wifi module might be a more graceful approach (and cut down on cables).

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