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Stick PC's


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Been thinking about running my second ASC from Kstars for portable daytime captures, using my Altair 178C camera.

I already run my night time ASC Rpi with a ZWO as that is the only camera make that is supported with Thomas's software https://github.com/thomasjacquin/allsky

But chatting to Nick at AA he suggested that there is some native support, but far better to run it from a mini PC, not really want to go down that route as too bulky, so thinking of a stick PC, something like this: -

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stick-Windows-Professional-Cherry-Computer/dp/B07RJMFFY1 or cheaper.

Has anyone had any experience of them and how did they perform?

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I'm running (Experimentally) my widefield mobile rig from one of those, or at least a clone running Win10 Pro so I can RDP it from indoors.

So far (Fingers crossed, touch wood) I've not had any problems, though I'm in the process of moving from a Star Adventurer unguided to an AZ-GTi with PHD2. Capture is with Maxim DL6 saving via WiFi to a NAS. The camera is an ASI 183 MM cool.

I do find it a wee bit slow, though as it's just basic control I can live with it.

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For this application, no, because anything more powerful would be too big to fit, especially as I need to keep the weight down, but for my 80mm astrograph, which will go on the HEQ5, I'll likely go for something a bit better. Also I find the lack of an ethernet port limiting. If I ever get round to building an ASC for the obsy i will probably get something I can plug into the 5 port switch, especially as the obsy is only just within WiFi range of my BT hub. Close enough for the smart plugs, but I wouldn't want to try saving any data over it.

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@AstroOlly Hi Stew, I would but the Altair 178c is not fully supported by the Rpi. I already run as above an Rpi on my ASC with the ASI385MC, but I want to run a similar program that may support the ASCOM driver such as this one: - https://www.allskeye.com/

Thomas Jacquin Rpi software only supports ZWO cameras, whereas the allskye windows version operates in a similar way under Windows, so thus the reason to go down the route of a Stick PC.

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Posted by: @DaveS

Here's a photo of my one in place on the dovetail next to the camera.


As you can see, anything bigger wouldn't fit.

Thanks Dave, that is really helpful, I saw last night that there are stick PC's that support Ethernet, but for me Wireless is my preferred option. So I think you have sold me on that as it will easily fit into and enclosure that I have in mind. Thanks.


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Just taken delivery of this particular stick 8GB ram : - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0874K7M24/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Amazon have a special of £20 voucher if you use it by the 3oth October.

Just installing everything on it and it certainly seems acceptable it communicating with my Server and domain perfectly.

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