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Laser collimator

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Hi, IMHO I would go for one where you can collimate the collimator. I have a Bresser. I would also recommend getting a cheap adapter to fix it into, when just using the three screws in a standard 1 1/4" socket it ends up aligning differently every time I used it.

I've fixed mine into a M42 to 1 1/4" adapter (male one end and female the other so it can be used either way round) replacing the thumb screws with hex grub screws, tightened down then never touched. Use a simple jig to align the laser to the adapter thread. 
(I posted about aligning a newtonian secondary mirror where I show the jig I used)

I can remove and re-attach this a dozen times and it always aligns the same, thats a good start!

When I want to use it, I simply unscrew my camera and screw this in its place, my camera is on a M42 360' rotator so I can spin it to where it's easiest to use. 

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Posted by: @Popeye
Posted by: @TerryMcK

I have the Hotech SCA and can recommend that.

How have you found it's claims about eliminating slop?

What about the collimation on it? Does it seem to hold ok?

Slop? I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean does it self centre then yes it does and goes back in the same place everytime.

Collimation seems good and I've never have a need to meddle with it. It comes in a nice padded box and I have never rough handled it nor have dropped it in the mud. I've had it 8 years without any issues whatsoever.

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A bit of a General question on this topic and perhaps a little naive but when folks talk about collimating a Newtonian can that be directly read across to an RC, or is there something a little special with regards one or the other. ? - basically are the same Collimation tools used irrespective of these Scope types. I have an 8" RC on route and trying to determine the collimation tools required.

cheers for your thoughts

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@gpowers I'd have thought broadly the same, though with a secondary mirror effectively parallel to the primary, you won't have to worry about it being rotated along the axis of the tube. Without the centre of the primary though, using a spot laser at the eyepiece, I think you'd likely get two return spots to align, one direct from the secondary, and one from the secondary-primary-secondary, that might be a challenge, though I'm sure the manufactures have worked out a way - or you can scan YT for inspiration (or perspiration!) there's bound to be several 'tutorials' about.   

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