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How to identify surface features on an image for a newbie?

Adam Y

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Just wondering whether there is a good means of determining which features I have captured?  Things like the Great Red Spot are obvious, and other parts of Jupiter, but what about Mars or the Moon?  How can I know which features are showing, short of scouring every image on the internet and hoping to match them up?


I was thinking winJupos had some sort of feature, and i was able to get an image that looks close to mine by selecting the date and time and lat/long of my observation session.  But the features aren't labelled.  Any tips?  cheers


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You could perhaps set the date and time of your image in Stellarium and then zoom in to get the detail. I use this a lot to determine the positions of Jupiter's moons etc. I just tried it on Mars, that works too. Then there are loads of labelled images of the Moon and the planets on the internet. 





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