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ASI Air and 50mm Guide Scope - Advise please.

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Hi i am interested to hear if anyone has any experience with an ASI air, as i think this will be my purchase this year so i can stay warm and also so my laptop isnt out in my garden all night. Does anyone have experience with one; good or bad, is the range and good, are the a good thing to have, does the software work ok?- my office is the opposite side of my property to the garden so i'll be approx. 15m away and through walls.


Also; i currently have a small 32mm William Optics guide scope as it was all that seemed to be available in gold when i was purchasing my kit, should i bother to upgrade this to the 50mm guide, do you think it will improve my guiding - i dont have any issues currently, my guiding/tracking is as accurate as i can get it without changing bearings/greasing etc, its generally <1.5 on the graphs, so is it pointless wasting the money - would it improve something that seems working anyway?


Image result for WO 32mm guide image.png.450316e46b368fd539b26e3a661f8a6e.pngimage.png.d7c494c706770628d8b4ab2ff588b1c3.png


cheers for the advice.



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Hi Kevin,


I have an AsiAir pro on my mobile system and I find it a great tool that certainly works well. The only problem I experienced was intermittent drop outs due to the short range of the units built in WiFi. This was quickly resolved with the use of a Vionet WiFi  extender which greatly improved the range, now I can monitor and control the system from inside my mobile home with the setup quite a few yards away.

I understand the newer AsiAir plus has an improved WiFi range, however with my problem resolved I saw no other substantial benefit to upgrade.

If your current guide scope is working fine I see no reason to upgrade it unless to change your OTA and the match is no longer compatible. There are online calculators available for checking your OTA/guidescope suitability.



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