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Possible PHD/APT Conflict (Or continuing senior moment)


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Had a serious nag the other evening with what I suspect is an APT/PHD conflict. I have recently downloaded the latest flavour of PHD (2.6.9). I run the rig and plate solve using APT, guiding with PHD.

In the past this particular combo has worked quite well, the occasional hiccup but nothing major. The symptoms the other evening are something I have not experienced before. I plate solved after PA, moved the rig to target (NGC891), told APT to "GOTO++ to centre target. Calibrated PHD and commenced image run. Rig would track and guide for about 20 mins and then the "track" button within APT would fall out losing PHD and its associated tracking (strangely APT was still connected to the mount).

After a couple of resets with the same problem I parked the scope, checked for balance, cable snag etc (the usual suspects). Reset to target and same issue became apparent. during the 6 or 7 attempts to get things settled, when restarting, PHD would go directly into calibrate mode. 

I refreshed all of the ASCOM and EQMOD software

I tried running both PHD and APT with admin rights and upped and downed the EQMOD baud rate, as that has been a problem in the past (nominally it runs at 9600). Again to no avail. I took the rig down and rebuilt the other morning checking all power sources and USB connections but consider it is going to be at least a week before I can check it all out again, due to weather.

The only thing I can categorically say that was different to normal, was the latest installed flavour of PHD. 

Has anybody come across similar problems?

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@astronomyukraineThanks for coming back, I have dropped a mail to APT and posted the Logs up to PHD to see if there is a work around. I have the previous version of PHD somewhere on the system so I will give that a go next clear night I get here.


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