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So, i have had a run out with the new scope when i have been able to recently due to the UK appearing to be in a never-ending run of cloud and rain :(

Anyway, my plan in the next months is to invest in some eyepieces for my Evo 8HD. I have the supplied standard ones from celestron which could definately do with replacing but from looking around there does appear to be a plethora of manufacturers each supplying a number of models.

Was wondering what people were using as their "goto" eyepieces? I have seen some people use a 8mm-24mm zoom a lot but they can be pricey? I would want a Pentax but may go for a Baader....

Anything to definately go for ...or avoid? A hidden gem somewhere that is modest in price but out-performs more expensive versions?






PS. the moon from 2 nights ago. i never thought you could get a decent shot through the eyepiece from a smart phone!

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Recently I have bought a OVL 16mm Nirvana-ES UVA (82). Very good eyepiece. Compares very well with a friends TV Nagler (17mm). Virtually no breakdown even at the edge of the field. The TV, obviously to my eyes at least, has better overall definition but I consider it's not 5 x times the cost better.  

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I do like the TeleVue 13mm Nagler...
I have a 'type 1' & 'type 6'...  ? 

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