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A big hello to all


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I recently retired and last weekend while looking at the amazing night sky and few bright stars with our 4.5 year old grandkids decided to explore further.

After a brief research on the internet and visit to the local telescope store, bought a Vixen Achromat A105M refractor and II with Vixen SLV 25mm and 6mm EP and an Explore Scientific AZ tripod.

Yesterday night was my first experience with the telescope. Tried to focus on Venus and Jupiter. Struggled at focusing speciallly with the 6mmEP. I managed to see the moons of Jupiter but both Jupiter and Venus appeared as small bright spots. Couldn't appreciate the surface much. Faced problem of shake while focusing. Also struggled to keep the image in the filed with the AZ movements. Guess, it will need more practice and persevierence.

Photography is my other hobby, and at one stage would like to do some astrophotography, but first wish to get accustomed to viewing.

Joined this forum with the hope to be guided by those who have passed through this phase and experts, and learn from my mistakes.

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