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Northern Central Canada Intro


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I started learning the constellations in the late 70's and mid-80's.  At the time I lived along the Thai-Lao border working in ag dev't and refugee work (Nong Khai).  There was no TV, VCR's were not invented, we conversed with neighbours, listened to BBC shortwave, and read.  For years I sat outside every morning and evening (feet up for scorpions and centipedes) with a Peterson Field Guide and  a set of high quality Japanese 8x30 binos, which I still have .  I read the massive Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy and two books on the structure of the universe (all terribly dated now).  Moving to this remote location 22 years ago I have let astronomy slide, but am now getting back into it.  I have a wide-field Newtonian reflector (108mm, f/4.2 primary with a 28mm eyepiece) that is quite good enough.  I will soon buy something to provide up to 35x or so.  But I am certain that I will be looking for an 8" point-and-look scope (Cassegrain?) in the not too distant future...something that is small and portable and a bit more capable.  Overall I just like sitting and looking.  It certainly humbles me.  I literally live on the edge of the north...Bortle measurement of  ~#2+ with #1 only a half hour drive away.


This forum seems to be a site with good people and the basic info for which I am looking, so thought I'd better register...thank you.






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