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Proof of the warnings!

Peter B

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I set my 102mm refractor up with the solar filter to look at some sun spots.


Nice session, and when I'd had enough I popped the eyepiece cover back on but then made a mistake.  I took the solar filter off the end of the scope before turning the scope away from the sun and instantly smelled plastic burning.  I realized my mistake and quickly turned the scope away from the sun.


With the telescope pointing at the sun without the solar filter it took literally an instant to burn a hole in the plastic eyepiece cover.


Proof of the warnings if ever there was one!


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Phew glad you caught it before it caused anymore damage. Sunlight at a focus point is not good. I remember from being a kid melting tar (we called it pitch) with a magnifying glass. 

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Yes, the sun's a pretty scary target.   It took me a long time to trust my solar filter and even now I'm extremely careful when i use it for viewing as against photography.   You need to have your wits about you when you're on the sun which this time mine unfortunately were not and it's just as well it wasn't my camera or I think it would have been bye bye camera!

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If you can afford a Herschel wedge buy one. Much safer to use and provides better surface detail too, especially with a good continuum filter. Using a wedge has changed the whole white light solar experience for me. 

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I use a 'Brewster angle' Herschel wedge. Lacerta made.
I won't start on the sales pitch about Brewster angle vs conventional 90deg.
I have been happy with my choice.

HTH, David.

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