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Altair 4nm DualBand CERTIFIED CMOS filters - Sii / Oiii - with test certificate


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Hi there, the new Altair DualBand 4nm Sii Oiii filter with test report is ready to ship.


Some of you may recall the conversation we had in the Facebook group in 2022 about doubling Oiii data and being able to make Hubble style images with a colour camera - well this new filter is designed to complement the existing Altair 4nm DualBand Ha Oiii filter and effectively gives you 2x the Oiii data, seeing you are collecting Oiii twice over. This is ideal because the Oiii signal can be frustratingly weak. Additionally, the sky background is very dark indeed for a dual band filter - thanks to our V2 coating technology. We cannot detect any halos with these new coatings, and the UVIR and visual range blocking is excellent, so they can be used in urban or dark sky areas with very strong signal. They are also parfocal.


Each filter has a test report unique to that filter and is guaranteed to be on-band. Furthermore, our performance specifications are conservative, and you can rest assured that these filters perform exactly as described, within tolerance, and that the reports are accurate. Each filter has it's own unique test report. Another Altair first - this time for a dual band filter.


Ordering: We ship worldwide DHL express courier with full tracking and insurance, and usually takes about 3-4 days to arrive. To find out the final shipped price, just put the product in your shopping cart, click "checkout" and choose your country to get a total. Please note if you are outside the UK, the filter will cost about 20% less than shown on the website, because you won't be paying UK VAT sales tax. However your local country may charge sales tax on arrival. The same applies to any Altair product on our website.




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