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Orion Starquest XT8 Telescope

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Hello!  I am just beginning with a telescope.  The Orion XT8.  I did my first look and I don’t know if I’m working it right. I focused in on a star and I could see the bracket on the inside of the end of tube.  Is this the way it is supposed to look?  Also, how do you look through the eye piece.  I have 2” and it was hard for me to look through it.  I love Astronomy and really want to learn.   I have a attached a picture I took with my iPhone.  Thanks



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Hi And welcome to the forum.

Your reflector looks to be out of collimation.

This is the exact alignment of the two mirrors to achieve the best, sharpest view.

It's a difficult process to get right and will demand a bit of practice, but once you get there, you will achieve good collimation in no time.

Here is a link, but if you search the web for 'how to collimate a Newtonian reflector, you'll find a wealth of info.



Also, you say it was hard for you to look through the eyepiece. In what way was it hard?

Which EP do you have?


Good luck & let us know how you get on

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much!   I use a 2 inch eyepiece.  Yes I have difficulty looking through them.  It’s like it floats around and I’m chasing it to look at what I have .   

Any help is greatly appreciated!! 

Thanks so much!! 

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