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saddle clamp and vixen type/compatible dovetail bars...


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Selling my Bresser saddle clamp as the hole spacing does not line/match up with those on my AOK-AYO mount... £25.00GBP sold

20110D0D-DC83-4284-AA74-021FB5E857E2.thumb.jpeg.90c9f0cecc224ff0a782d048db148c24.jpeg 0F1282D0-82B4-4A6D-91A7-105097E86D1C.thumb.jpeg.6f6965c592f6d912af45e117c6c222b5.jpeg<---compatible with Vixen compatible/type dovetail bars.


3x Vixen type/compatible dovetail bars... 

  • Sky-Watcher [short / 19cm] white  - purchased a few months ago via FLO - unused... £12.00GBP
  • Vixen Optics Dovetail Tube Plate ES2661 B&H Photo Video note 1: this does not include the two screws for attaching your tube rings.
  • Sky-Watcher [medium / 21cm] black - usual score marks from the mount set screw... £17.00GBP 
  • Arcturus 9 inch Vixen Universal Dovetail Bar - Camera Concepts ...
  • Astro Essentials [long / 34cm] black - purchased a few weeks ago via FLO - unused... £18.00GBP sold
  • Choose: Long (34cm)

note 2: the medium and long dovetail bars include the four adjustment screws for adjusting cone error.


All items include P&P.

Edited by Philip R
items pending sale or sold items...
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