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Hi from Cambridge :)

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Hi all,

I'm a lapsed astro-imager that has come back to the hobby after a several frustrating years of never having the time (my commute and long hours didn't leave much energy for dragging the scope out ?). Now with working from home I have that time and hopefully the energy!

I've been checking out your observatories, I'm impressed by the ingenuity and vision! My own will be much more modest, based on a portable 2x2m garage that will be arriving soon! I'll keep you informed of my progress and I'm bound to need advice.

Now with a semi-permanent setup planned I feel justified in investing in new kit. Looking round I see things have moved for on a lot since I was last really active - light pollution filters for a start. At some point a CEM70G will be arriving and finally I will be able to do my old faithful 10 inch newt justice. I normally use an unmodded DSLR for imaging but this year I have also invested in an ASI533MC-Pro that has yet to see first light. And I'm looking forward to some wide field work with a TS-61EDPH II that will turn up soon.






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Hi Paul and welcome aboard ?   I trust you will be posting photos of your observatory as you work on it - we always like lots of pictures and new observatories are always interesting.  Love your doggie too ? 

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