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Heads Up (WinDoze USB power settings)


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Some of you may recall that I had problems over a possible incompatibility issue between APT and PHD. The symptoms being a series of random dropouts with APT loosing the ability to "track"; as a consequence any pulse guiding commands sent to the mount via ASCOM (EQMOD) were lost and mount stopped moving. Having been in an e-mail conversations with both PHD & APT it appears that the latest Windoze update (1909-18363.1198 on my machine) allows the OS to "selectively suspend" the USB ports. This handy feature (sic) that may take a USB device offline at the most inappropriate time by going to power save mode and then failing to return/reset, this mimics the symptoms described above in it's entirety as extracted from the EQMOD log.

Solution shown below.


I have adjusted the USB port settings and a couple of days ago had the mount "guiding" on a "hot pixel" whilst taking darks for several hours so far no problems. I have not had the opportunity to test live so to speak as the skies have been rubbish but I will update as soon as I am able.


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Another “feature” introduced by mickeysoft. Thanks for highlighting this Kev as I’m sure it will help many BYA members.

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For a numbers years now when reinstalling either my laptop or PC for astrophotography I always disable every power setting, as they are fed by the mains so there no benefit in letting them sleep.

Btw Kev, the latest version now is 2004!

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Pretty disgraceful that these things are added unbeknown to the user. 

One reason why I tend to not let my imaging laptops get updated and why i use older operating systems for imaging W7.  I rarely use them on the internet anyway apart from WIFI Anydesk or Teamviewer.

Glad you have got to the bottom of it Kev, but you shouldn't have to be sussing all this out, the updates are a right PITA as far as imaging is concerned, heard too many nightmare scenarios, which is why I stick with what works. 


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