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New 2nm Altair G-Band filter for solar contrast enhancement

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Hi there, the new Altair G-Band 2nm solar contrast filter is in stock at an introductory price.


96% Transmission allows for superfast frame rates even at 2nm.


This offers higher contrast of solar photosphere features like faculae, sunspot detail and convection cells.


Additional challenge: Owners of medium to large aperture scopes which are able to show granulation detail (say a 10" Newtonian or Altair Classical Cassegrain) may even pick up the "bright G-Band spots" in the lanes between convection cells. Not much is known about them, but they definitely exist and a 10" all-mirror reflector is about right to see them. An 8" aperture refractor may pick them up too.


Note: This filter must be used with a solar wedge, or Baader film. Perferably Baader "Photographic" film for super high frame rates. If you want a speedier camera, check out the Altair Hypercam 174M fan cooled camera (171fps on my laptop) or "Baby Shark" a little monster, which can reach 540fps.


We deliver worldwide using DHL Express or FedEx, including EU, Japan, USA, Singapore. To find out the price with shipping to your location, just put the product in your basket, choose checkout, and select your destination country. Local UK VAT sales tax of 20% is removed for customers outside the UK.







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