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Altair 4nm Dual Band filter review from Tokyo Japan

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As a newbie, I often find it just as easy to understand new information by YouTube video as from the written word. But I have 2 problems with youtube videos when trying to extract technical information. The first is that I often get distracted and spend my time watching a useless video instead of the one that I intended to. That is my problem and only I can fix that. But the second problem is that often, it is difficult to tell the valid videos from the ones that are full of misinformation.


The way this video-review was hand-picked by knowledgeable folks from the forum, gives me confidence that I am safe in using the video as an educational tool. That is very helpful. Thanks for validating the info in the video. It answered questions that I was previously clueless about.


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He's really knowledgeable. I've just adjusted my ASI1600MM offset after watching another one of his videos. Now I've got to retake my Dark frames!



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I saw the offsets video too. Food for thought definitely.

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