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Herschel Wedge. Which type?

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When first setting out to buy a Herschel wedge I considered various manufacturers and asked around.
The conclusion was that people had been happy with their wedges.

Importantly there did not seem to be anyone with regret.
nobody said 'I wish I had bought the more expensive as it works better'. Or 'I used brand A and changed to B because of an improved view'


I saw that most seemed to be 90 degree build. With only a few Brewster Angle.
When I asked on another astro forum, the only comments for/against related to the eyepiece angle. Not so comfortable with a very high sun.


In the end i bought a Lacerta Brewster angle and have been happy with the results.
BUT - I have not measured performance against anything else!


Since then, at the Practical Astronomy Show this year I asked a (solar observing) lecture speaker for comments on Brewster vs 90. He did not have first hand knowledge.
I received a similar response from a retailer - he had never used a Brewster angle wedge.


Does anyone here have any comments on Brewster vs 90deg?


I suppose the question is coming out today as I can actually see shadows outside - instead of overcast!


Thanks David.



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