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Wanting to purchase a good telescope in the $700-$1000 range. Wanting to take pics thru it as well. I have telescopes that you can mount your digital camera on, the some kind of camera that look like an optical add on. Please help

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Hi Eric, Widefield imaging is the way to start.


A worthy contender would be Altair 72EDF refractor with optical test report and a reducer to get you going.

You will also need a guidescope and guide camera such as this.

I would also consider an iOptron mount, but there are many models, and I'm not sure if your budget includes the mount and scope, or just the scope side of things. They would be cheaper to buy in the USA because they tend to be heavier than refractors and USD prices are pretty good for mounts at the moment. (We order them from the USA anyway).

Best regards, Nick

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Hi @erict and welcome to BYO.org.


In order to get some idea, what do you enjoy the most? ie... lunar, solar, planets, wide field, deep sky, etc.


Also the mount is the foundation and needs to be taken to consideration with your OTA and may exceed your initial budget of $700-$1000. I am not into astro-imaging at the time of writing/posting this, but I think doubling your budget will serve you better long term. The next conundrum is a source of adequate power to the mount, camera, etc., if you will be imaging from home or away.


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