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My Setup!


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Hi all, I thought I'd kick this one off by showing you all my gear. 

So here you have it:

Mount is an Eq6-r Pro

then a losmandy plate with a Pegasus pocket powerbox and a USB hub

On top of that are the scopes:

Altair Astro 125 EDF 
Altair Astro 72 EDF (used for guiding here, but usually for imaging)
Pegasus focus cube on the 125
SX USB filterwheel
Altair Hypercam 183 Mono Pro TEC
Altair GPcam 327 

Very very pleased with this setup.
Here is a link to my instagram if you want to see some images.

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Nice Paul. My setup is:

AZ-EQ6 Pro mount

Omegon 127 apo

Equinox 80 Pro Apo

WOZ 66 Apo (guiding)

AR152 refractor


Atik 460EX

Atik 314L

Altair GPCAM 3 224


Atik EFW2 Filter Wheel

Pegasus Dual Focuser on APOs

Everything running through EQMOD and N.I.N.A.

Clouds (lots)


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