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Wheeled Base For Tripod

Carbon Brush

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I have a strong wood base, with heavy duty braked castors.
It was bought as part of a package a while back and has gathered dust since as my observing arrangements don't suit this kit.
It is ideal if you want to keep your mount and tripod assembled ready to go, stored in a shed or garge.
This was built for an EQ6 setup with a big reflector - give an idea of how robust it is.
The photos show it carrying a Skywatcher 2" leg tripod (for an EQ6) to give an idea of the size.
Construction is a mix of good size timber and thick ply. NOT flimsy! Still light enough to easily pick up and carry.
Centre to edge is about 760mm or 30" in old money.
Tripod is definitely not included - but you knew that.

Asking for  £60.

Collection only from north Nottinghamshire.
Any questions, just ask.
Thanks for looking. David.






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