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Telescope compatible with Sky Portal


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Hi, I want to buy a first telescope for my son. He's a little astro-maniac, especially when it comes to planets. Unfortunately, my knowledge about the telescopes is next to nothing.

I feel like the more I read about them, the less I know.... There's so much to consider! So... I thought I will ask the experts, maybe you can recommend something?


I would like the telescope to be compatible with the Sky Portal to make it easier and more interesting for him. Unless you know any better apps? It's important to me that he will be able to see as many details of the moon as possible and also the quality of the view of the planets will be very good as well. I know a lot depends on the budget, I would like to spend up to £500. I understand it's not a lot for a good telescope but I'm hoping to find the best within the range affordable for me.


Could anyone kindly recommend something?

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Hi Karina, 


To control automatic "GOTO" motorised finding and slewing with the Sky Portal, you could get something from the Celestron AstroFi range.


Or you can have "push to" GOTO with the Sky Portal and a manual scope within the Celestron Starsense range


Probably quickest to just contact Ian who is an expert, at Altair Astro for a recommendation, seeing there are several models to fit various budgets.


Hope that helps you get started

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