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Mounting a mini PC on my imaging rig

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So I have suffered cable drag and wanted to try and mount more of my equipment on my rig to expediate setup time as well. This included a Gigabyte Brix mini PC that I remote control, a DeepSkyDad mini 12v power management unit and HitecAstro DC focusser. Before this weekend my rig (and associated spaghetti) looked like this:


Firstly I ordered an Altair Astro 350mm Losmandy bar to give me more mounting space than my current 180mm bar. First came the mounting of the mini PC. With some advise I shamelessly copied a fellow enthusiasts option of mounting the PC below the bar. At first sight the mini PC had M3 holes but I soon realised that would not give the best orientation for the USB ports so a quick drill and some M3 bolts, washers and screws and the mini chassis was ready for mounting on the bar:


Then I wondered the best way of mounting the other control units which ensuring the setup would accomodate larger refractors. I ended up creating a 'quick and dirty' mounting bracket from some aluminium plate from a hardware store. This was cut, bent and drilled and attached to the Losmandy bar:


For now I have attached the focusser and 12v control units with velcro but will create a more permanent fixture in future.


This is till a work in progress. I have a photography mount cheese board coming tomorrow to mount a USB hub on top of the scope and more wiring is required but pleased with what in reality was a couple of hours work. Looking forward to testing out on clear skies soon!

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