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Altair Hypercam 26C is back in stock


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Hi All, hope you're all well.

We have some Hypercam26C 16bit Cooled Astro cameras back in stock as of right now.

Limited quantity available, dispatch on Monday.

Basically, if you want a camera before XMasit's best to order ASAP.

Have a good weekend!


Product information

The new standard in astro imaging, Altair Hypercam 26C uses the latest 16bit Sony IMX571 sensor with ultra low read noise and super high quantum efficiency in a large APS-C format.

Launched in October 2020, the Altair 26C is probably the best performing CMOS astro camera of it's type in the world, with ultra low read noise.

For many, this may be the final camera to own in their astro imaging journey.

Now accepting Pre-orders approximate 30 day lead time.

  • 26mp APS-C size Back Illuminated Sony IMX571 sensor
  • 16bit ADC yields 65,536 grey levels in the image 
  • Zero Amp Glow
  • Special “Ultra Low Read Noise” mode
  • True Hardware Binning
  • 2 Stage TEC Cooling 
  • Heated Optical Window
  • 2 year warranty, with no sensor frosting guarantee**
  • Rear USB2.0 hub 2x ports
  • 12v power is required to run this camera
  • Supplied with armoured case
  • 240~110v compatible 12v DC power supply with UK, USA or EU plug
  • Software & drivers downloadable at www.altairastro.help

Hypercam 26C Specifications:

Model number:


USB Interface

USB3.0 Type-B socket (Supports USB2.0).

Colour Mono



Sony IMX571


26mp 6224 x 4168px

Pixel Size

3.76 um

Image Area

23.4mm x 15.7mm

Sensor Diagonal

28.3 mm

Sensor Protection Window

UVIR Block, AR Coating



Read Noise

2.6 - 1.14 e-

Ultra Low Noise Mode

2.35 - 1.16 e-

Qe Approx.

>80% Peak

Full Well Capacity



8bit 16bit


TEC, -35C below ambient

Max Frame Rate @ Full Resolution

6.8 FPS 16bit - 13.2FPS 8bit

DDR Memory


Guide Port


Rear USB Hub

2x USB2.0 Ports

Region Of Interest Roi



47.1 dB

Dynamic Range

86.8 dB (Ultra Low Noise Mode)

Exposure range

0.1ms – 3600secs

HCG Mode/ LCG Mode Support


Camera front flange thread

M42x075mm Female

Sensor to flange distance


TEC Power input

12.0v-13.0v DC (required to run the camera)

** for two years from delivery date, normal use, not applicable if camera sensor chamber seal is breached.

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