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All sky camera V2

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Given the terrible weather we have been having I though it time I finished version 2 of my all sky camera. This is the reault :-)

The camera consists of

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • SSD Adapter and 1TB SSD to store the images. I don't trust SD cards so keep 7 days on the SD card and archive everything onto the SSD and my dedicated server
  • IO Board. Its just easier to wire up
  • Remote wifi switch to turn the pi on and off. This allows me to control the 5v to the Pi but leave the 12v side intact
  • 12v to 5v convertor. This gives me both 12 and 5v. 5v at upto 3A which is perfect for the Pi
  • Lightning detector. I love lightning so why not !
  • Remote Cloud sensor. This will trigger cloud alarms when imaging
  • Remote rain detector
  • Remote dew detector.
  • Dew heater, automatic or manual mode. In auto mode the software will determine if the heater is required and in manual mode its controlled via the user interface
  • ASI 178MM camera. I tried a 120MC and it was pants !
  • Lots of araldite ;-)

The Pi runs Thomas Jacquin's allsky software with some modifications and some custom code to manage the sensors and dew heater. The custom code records data from all of the sensors and my Netatmo wx station. The data is then displayed using some nice graphs :-)

My current camera has usb and power connections to it, the brains are in a box at the bottom of the pole. I have had issues with running usb 3 over long distances so decided to house everything up the pole this time and just run 12v to it.


All Sky Camera Control Unit

The main control unit


All Sky Camera - Camera Housing

The camera housing


All Sky Camera - Pole Mount Position

The 3d printed pole mount


All Sky Camera - Interface

The user interface, Grafana with a few mods


There are more images on Flickr All Sky Camera



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Posted by: @Gina

Very interesting.  Which lens are you using?  I couldn't see a reference to it.  The ASI178 is a good camera though I use the colour version to show star colour.

Thanks :-)


The lens is a 1.55mm f2 Gives a good 180 degrees. I went for the mono to get detail. I started with a 120MC but I just wasn't reliable enough.

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