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130PDS Focuser issue


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I bought one of these during the first national lockdown last year. I have used it twice so far. Just visually to look at the moon. 

I am intending on trying a spot of imaging with it. But I have noticed the focuser movement and feel does not seem smooth. It feels sort of rough and lumpy. (Best way I can think to describe it lol) 


I assume I can adjust it, but has anyone else come across similar? And what the best way to go about rectifying it?


Many thanks

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I used to own one of these and got some nice images from it.  I can't quite remember the focuser having any problem except it projected too far into the light path causing a bite in the star shapes.  


I did what most people have done and cut a bit off the focuser approx 1cm.  


I would check where your point of focus is before you do that as it could vary from one camera to another.   Just thought I'd mention this before you take the focuser apart so if you need to do this you can do both at the same time.  


A defocussed star showing the problem. 


Defocussed star.jpg


Point of focus:


Focus Before.jpg


After circumcision (a bit of black dabbed on the cut to reduce raw metal reflections).



Focus after.jpg

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