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DIY cooler mod for zwo 178mc

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I started this ages ago and soon found out that temp control is a must. I was getting good cooling, but the camera was fogging up. 


Anyway I bought a cheap temp control module from Amazon, made a better neoprene jacket for the camera. 



Tested it today in the garage. Seems to cool down to 3-4 degrees with no fogging. 

The three minute dark frame I captured seemed a lot less noisy, still the old amp glow in the corner, but it can be removed using darks, which will be a lot cleaner hopefully, as will light frames. 

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2 hours ago, GazAstro said:

Nice job, did the same myself a while back on a ZWO 183. With a bigger fan you might help take the heat away from the TEC quicker and manage another few degrees. But then you'd probably run into frost on the sensor.

I think going sub zero could cause other issues as you say. 


All I need is a quieter fan as the existing one is a bit noisy. 

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