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New Rig


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Still work in progress as had a few issues


- The Primaluce Focuser won't work on the scope so will have to find an alternative

- I need to replace the OTA guide rings so I can mount the Eagle on top of the scope, everywhere is out of stock of the OTA rings  😞 


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20 hours ago, MarkAR said:

Looks good, quite a tidy set up with the Eagle.

i really like the eagle. Yes you can do the same thing with a small pc and dew controllers and power distribution but we have so few decent nights in the UK I just want it all to work when I setup.

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2 hours ago, ApophisAstros said:

Kit,                                apophis

Had an Eagle for ages , swear by it same kit upto the eagle i have adual setup.


OMG, that is some set up.

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