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My First shots with DSLR

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Hello Everyone,


I received a DSLR adaptor today and I tried my early shots with my DSLR Canon connected to my telescope.


First thing I found very challenging was focusing into object (In my case Moon). As I had to make very fine adjustment on my focuser. Also White/Balance was another issue.


I put three samples of my first try. I really appreciate if you give me your advices to improve my photo qualities.







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1 minute ago, Nightspore said:

You have some nice terminator (lunar divide between day and night) shots there. Anything near the terminator will cast shadows making them have more contrast and therefore easier to see. I don't know anything about astrophotography. However, you can sharpen or process image files with GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program).


Actually I edited my photos and they looked better but I need to find a way to have good focus in the first place.

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9 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

You need a Bahtinov mask of the correct size for your telescope. Use it to get perfect focus. They are fairly inexpensive. Use one to focus on a bright star and the moon will also be in focus.

Trevor Jones shows how to use one here:


Thanks for the tip!


What I understood is this device is mainly used for Stars and far objects not for the moon, Am I right?


I wonder how moon will be look like with that device attached to my Telescope?!

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No it is used to just to set focus of the telescope on a far object usually a star. The moon is also far enough away to also be in focus even though you have focused on a star which is considerably further away. You then remove the Bahtinov mask to take your images.

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This is my tonight's attempt, Still not satisfied with the focus, I wonder how people make those sharp images from moon in Instagram! 


One question, this image is just what I got from my camera, If I want to rotate it to the correct orientation of the moon, I need to rotate it 180, Am I right?




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Sharp images are not done with one exposure but by shooting what amounts to a short video. Each short frame that comprises the video is run through processing software such as Registax. The software then compensates for the atmospheric blurring. You know when you see the heat haze that rises from a road? The haze blurs the view in the distance. But it is possible to occasionally see through the haze to see a sharp view. Well the software does this for you.

It can also be used to do the same to planets to pull out the surface features.



Gary Palmer also shows how to process the sun images with the same software in this video - it’s a long video but worth watching. The principles for processing the sun are the same as the moon and planets.



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