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Altair 102EDT

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Here's my imaging rig - Altair 102EDT with Altair Planostar .79 reducer, Pegasus Falcon rotator, Altair filter drawer (containing an Altair 4nm Dualband filter) and finally an Altair 269c Protec. Power from a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box V2 and comms through a MiniX strapped to the top. All this sits on an iOptron iEQ45 pro.


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Very nice rig Keith. You meed a spray can the same colour as the cameras to change the blue colour so it all matches 😆- that’s just my slight OCD.


How do you find the Ioptron mount? I’m considering the CEM70 for a future upgrade.

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On 3/2/2023 at 6:22 PM, TerryMcK said:

😆- that’s just my slight OCD.

Mine was seeing all those cables hanging down waiting to catch! I've had lots from https://www.juicebitz.co.uk/ They do all sorts of lengths so no reason to have over-long cables............... Never had an issue with any that I've bought from them. Cost more than the cheap stuff but cables can make or break a set-up.


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