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Sw autofocus with Dion's usb control box

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Hi all. Sorry to be a pain.  Does anyone have or does anyone know of anyone that has or had the usb focus controller box that Dion  made for the skywatcher auto focuser.   I'm going off of memory with it as I can't find any literature for it.    I have it in my mind that it used the same driver as the shoestring fcusb controller so I've downloaded the drivers and the small controll app for it. (I could be completely wrong though ). I can plug the control box into usb and it goes through its test sequence as it always did, (the relays click) but I just can't connect to it or make it do anything.   I either have the wrong driver or there is something else I'm missing.  I vaguely remember there being something with comports, but I can't remember what that was for lol



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Just to let you know, I have the correct driver and it's all working flawlessly.   I managed to get in contact with Dion and he pointed me towards the driver writer who just so happens to be the guy that writes sharpcap. 

It was called "homebrew driver" not shoestring. Was kind of close haha. Anyway all good now 🙂

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