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Grab And Go Mak 127


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5 minutes ago, Scopeman said:

What woould be your opinion on an Explore Scientific 6.5mm 1.25" eps? I wouldn't go any higher than that and at present my highest power is a TV 8mm Plossl.


I have a few ES, although mine are all the old focal lengths. 




Mine still get used a fair bit.




I don't know about the newer lengths. There's nothing wrong with any of them though. 




I'm pretty certain they're JOC. 




They do well in dew as they're filled with kryptonite or something. Although, for lunar/planetary I tend to prefer less than an 80° AFOV as there's less glass and therefore less concomitant problems. Usually I'll use TMB clones at the most. For rich field/deep sky the ES easily hold their own with any other 'premium' EP's.

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10 minutes ago, Scopeman said:

Mine are mostly ES. 3 TV Plossls, a Radian and a set of Pentax XL's. The ES I am thinking about is the cheaper 52 degrees which will be fine for what I want, I just wasn't sure if I would be pushing the mag too far.


I think I briefly owned a bino pair of 52°.




They seemed fine, although I ended up getting into an argument with Telescope House as one of them showed debris and I had to return it a couple of times. As a consequence I sent them both back and went with WO SWAN's.

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I don't like Telescope House, I remember taking my 10" Meade SCT there by car to get it collimated, I had it on my lap all the way there and back, the collimation was worse than when I got it home than it was to start with! Never used them again after that and that was years ago now.

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Yes, they lost me as a customer years ago after several issues with returned items. I've been thinking, the 6.5mm will give you 237x on the 127mm. Which is only 17x less than the 257x at an 0.5mm exit pupil. So quite do-able for Mars and some other objects. It's probably a good idea to have at least one eyepiece that gives around an 0.5mm exit pupil.

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